Can you repeat the question ?

This is a long and interesting interview of Josh for “Cinemaniac” (french mag)

This isn’t a full translation but interesting points (thanks again Cecile for the correction) :

  • Playing Peeta taught Josh that celebrity helps to send messages about existing problems (discrimination, homophobia, …)

  • He loved filming the forcefield scene because he was able to do his own stunts

  • He hates spiders and snakes. There were harmless spiders in Hawaï and centipedes. He loved to scare Jennifer with them.

  • Shooting a scene where he had to kill someone was really hard emotionnally… and weird. Because it looks very real.

  • Between 2 scenes, he relaxed and joked with Jennifer.

  • He loves Jennifer because she stays herself no matter what, she’s down-to-earth, and he thinks she is a good example for young girls. He admires her.

  • It’s his mom who told him to introduce himself to Jennifer at the SAG Awards. It’s there she told him about the article about him in a newspaper when she was in New-York. He loves having this Kentucky small-towns connexion to her.

  • They are really close, they talk all the time, try to see each other but she is busy, and he is often absent. (Someone says Spain ? *cough*)

  • In Catching Fire, regarding the love triangle (brrr), he said that Gale isn’t really understanding: he wants Katniss to be like him, to want to fight, and start the rebelion… But Peeta is more understanding, he knows it’s not something that should be said to her in that way. This difference between them is more evident in Mockingjay. 

  • The 2nd book is his favorite because the fire and the anger amplifie to the point of launching a revolution. 

  • (The interviewer talks about the critique of our society and politics in The Hunger Games, and asks Josh what he thinks about it): he doesn’t feel it’s the only goal of the books, it’s just one one them. He thinks it’s more about “taking a step back” and reconsider the world we live in and realize that our decisions can have harmful consequences in the futur. The Hunger Games shows us our obsession with reality shows, which are becoming more and more dangerous for human well-being and alerts us about our government’s power.
    But the most important for Josh is the following: the people standing up against oppression (he takes the Egyptian revolution as an example) 

  • If he had to fight too, It would be for equals rights. The interviewer told him about a teacher who was fired from a catholic school where he worked because he was gay in Los Angeles. Josh thinks is stupid, if Jesus was here today, his message would be love, no matter with who, the male/female couple principle is just for proliferation, but today there are enough humans, maybe too much, so maybe more homosexuals couples would be a good thing, orphans could find more homes. Homosexual couples must have access to an easier adoption process.

  • Josh says that talking about his convictions is the best part of celebrity for him, and acting is a selfish pleasure. (not selfish man… We love your job !)

  • The inconvenience is that a lot of people know about his life, and it’s weird,

  • The spinning Cornucopia was one of the hardest scenes to shoot because it really spins!

  • Music: Josh listens Foals, Alt-J, the Doors, Led Zeppelin, The Lumineers, The Avett Brothers, rock, hip-hop, electronic music…

  • He plays some guitar (Aaaaah) (but never took lessons, and he brings a guitar on set), and he loves playing piano if he has time… and enough patience!

  • He said he should start filming Mockiongjay mid-october, (okay now It’s december) he doesn’t diet, does a lot sports (jogging), He has to gain corpulence for Mockingjay.

  • Mockingjay shooting plan: starts at the end of september and goes on till the end of october, then CF promo during november and shooting starts again from december till june !

Scans take here

Translation by me.

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